Monday, June 27, 2011

Shrimp and Spinach Pasta

MMMMMMM.... This past week I made this quick and easy dinner for the hubs and myself. This is a meal I make quite often, especially on days when I don't have a lot of time. The best thing of is CHEAP!!!

All you need is some oil and spices, a box of PastaRoni, a few handfuls of fresh spinach, a few cloves of garlic, and some shrimp. I use any olive oil, with italian seasoning(Right now I have Filippo Berio Estra Light and McCormic Italian Seasoning and Mrs. Dash Tomato, Basil, Garlic) or if you are feeling really lazy like I was when I made this, Tastefully Simple makes an All Naturall Balsamic & Basil Dipping Oil that works just as great! PastaRoni for those of you who have never tried it, is like a whopping $1 a box and so darn good!! I buy large bags of frozen, pre-pealed(minus the tales which I pull off)shrimp. The bags last me about 3 meals. I snagged the last bag for like $6 on sale. :)

So my spices/oil I usually use:

First, I start cooking the pasta according to the package directions (minus the butter...I never ever add the butter to these pastas. They are plenty good and rich without)So counting making the pasta you will also need some milk. Next, while that is cooking, I throw in the frozen shrimp with a little bit of water.

As soon as the shrimp begin to dethaw, I start pulling their tales off. (You do not have to do this but the hubby hates pulling them off while he is trying to eat)

Next, I add in a few handfuls of spinach and either my oil with dry italian spices or just dribble some of the Tastefully Simple Dipping Oil all over.

While this is sauteing I slice a few cloves of garlic and toss in. As soon as pasta is done I throw it all into the pan and simmer for a minute or two.

Wahlah!! You're finished!!! Plate and Enjoy!!!

MMMMMMM.....So whats on your menu this Monday?

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  1. AMY! I just discovered you have a fun! I'm excited to check yours out and keep in touch with you now! Hope all is well with you guys! :)