Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting the Tush in Gear

Yesterday morning I woke up and found myself starring at a 30 pound lighter version of myself. A photography project from college, my husband had taken a collage of photographs of me some of which are displayed in his bedroom at his parents' house. So needless to say on our visit to the in laws this weekend, I awoke starring at a picture of my flat stomach....from 4 years ago. Sadly, that flat stomach looks much different now and I have less than a month now until my first beach trip of the season...and I cannot even fit into my shorts from last summer!!! So today starts my first day of healthy food only!!!! Oh yes...and that gym membership I've been paying for for the past year and a half....its going to get used!!!! ...right now I'm enjoying a Tomato Mozzarella Omelet and I'm actually surprised at how delicious it is tasting!!!! I'm not too bad at this cooking stuff when I give it a try LOL!!!! Wish me luck!!!

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