Friday, May 28, 2010

Noah's Ark Baby Shower

So my little sister is being blessed with her second child. This time its a boy!!! So to help her get started, seeing that her first was a girl, I decided to have a small baby shower for her. Noah's ark was the theme. We had an entire outdoor party planned at my grandmother's. My hubby had even rushed to put in a cute little walkway as I scrubbed off the mildewed porch. Needless to say, on the day of the party, the wind was crazy and it was cold!!! So the party was moved indoors to a much smaller space. I don't have the greatest pictures but you can see the food takes up the entire dining room!

My aunt cooked up some easy and delicious cupcakes (my sister's favorite) and I used some fondant to sculpt some animals sitting on them 2 by 2. I saw some gorgeous pictures of others who had done so and I thought I would attempt it as well. About 5 hours later this is what I came out with. Not as great as I had hoped for, but the family was impressed.

We even had some water animals added to the punch bowl. It was cute and easy! We made some punch by mixing some blue Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and some green frozen sherbet, threw in some washed off bath toys, and was a hit!!!

My beautiful sister and niece. What a blessing. Little Mason will be here any day now!

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